Honda Civic Type R

  Technical specifications for the new Honda Civic Type R have been revealed. According to the information published on the Japanese Honda site, the new case Type R produces 330 ps 325 horsepower. For the European market, this value may be different. On the other hand, the price of the FL5 Type R was also announced. We will also provide information on that subject. New Chassis Honda Civic Type R (FL5-MK6) Technical Specifications Let's start with the dimensional data about the new chassis Civic Type R specifications. The data we will transfer to you is taken from Japan Honda website. That's why we say that European data may vary for the new Type R and let's move on to the details. New chassis Civic Type R This vehicle has a length of 4595 mm, a width of 1890 mm, a height of 1405 mm and a wheelbase of 2735 mm, with a curb weight of 1430 kg. It was stated that the engine coded K20C1 will be used for the new Civic Type R. According to the technical data in Japan, t